Thursday, April 29, 2010


Fearless by Elvira Woodruff
At Aunt Alice's cottage money is tight. Aunt Alice has a lot of mouths to feed including nephews, Cubby and Digory. Digory is eleven years old now and should be helping out, but he hates water, and that's not a good thing to hate when you live in a fishing village! When the boys get word that their dad's ship was wrecked, Aunt Alice sends Digory to go into town, (a long way from the fishing village) to see if his father survived the accident. If his father is dead Digory must never come back to the small cottage, his aunt tells him.

This book was not my favorite. There where some good parts and some down-falls. I would give this book a 34% of getting my vote.

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  1. Hey, that was my favorite book! If I could vote, I'd vote for it! I love how it was based on real events! The story was touching and heart-warming. I think that you did not like it too much only because I did like it so much.
    Love you anyway, Mommy