Monday, May 3, 2010


Savvy by Ingrid Law
Mibs is thirteen now, and she is ready for her savvy to come. Her poppa is in the hospital and Mibs is hoping to get something that could possibly save her his life. A family friend is planing her thirteenth birthday, and is inviting people that Mibs isn't even friends with. She's going to have her party at the church and she isn't very thrilled. When Mibs arrives at the party there is a pink bus that sells bibles and it came from the same town her poppa is in! Mibs decides to get on the bus and go to the town to see her father. Mibs's brother, her friend Will, and his sister Bobby, all get on the bus with her. When they find out that the bus is actually going somewhere else, they're into deep trouble.

I liked this book so much! It was an 'always on the edge of your seat' kind of book! Many books that I read have a really bad start, they throw too much information in the first chapter and it's hard to understand. This book had a pretty good start though. I would give this book a 98% chance of voting!

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Dragonfly Pool

The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson
When Tally's father tells her she must go to boarding school because the war is going to start soon she's furious! Tally expects she'll be writing to her father and aunts every day. When she gets to school she loves it! Tally makes a lot of friends. When the school gets a letter asking to participate in a dancing festival, Tally says she must go. Her friends volunteer to take part in the dance. While Talley and her friends are at the festival, they meet the prince and become friend with him.
Sadly they have to go back to school. They all promise to write letters to each other. For some reason Tally doesn't receive the princes letters and she thinks hes busy being the prince and doesn't want to be friends with her anymore.

This book was ok. I didn't really love it. I would give it a 43% chance of voting.


Found by Margret Peterson Haddix
Chip and Jonah have been receiving weird letters, at first they think it's just a prank. That's until Chip finds out he's adopted, like his friend, Jonah. The first letter says, "You are one of the missing." The second letter, "Beware! They're coming back to get you." Jonah and Chip began to think it's not a silly prank anymore. After visiting the F.B.I, studying some papers, making some phone calls,and going to an adoption convention, Jonah and Chip find out their true past.

I loved this book! There where some parts that the story could have done without, but overall it was great! There is a very good surprise ending! If you read this book make sure to read the prologue, and the beginning is not so great but after you get through the first chapter or so, it starts to get better! This book is a cliff-hanger, but I guess that's why they made a sequel, Sent. I would give this book a 98% chance of voting!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Fearless by Elvira Woodruff
At Aunt Alice's cottage money is tight. Aunt Alice has a lot of mouths to feed including nephews, Cubby and Digory. Digory is eleven years old now and should be helping out, but he hates water, and that's not a good thing to hate when you live in a fishing village! When the boys get word that their dad's ship was wrecked, Aunt Alice sends Digory to go into town, (a long way from the fishing village) to see if his father survived the accident. If his father is dead Digory must never come back to the small cottage, his aunt tells him.

This book was not my favorite. There where some good parts and some down-falls. I would give this book a 34% of getting my vote.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Scat by Carl Hiaasen
Mrs. Starch has just been reported missing! Her whole class is worried, sure shes a little strict... O.K. a lot strict, but for some reason they don't really think she has a "family emergency". The class went on a field trip to a swamp and there was a fire, not a forest fire, no someone started this fire. Most people think a class member, Dawane, other wise none as Smoke, started the fire to get his teacher back for making him write a paper about acne. And Smoke has a past record of setting fire to a bill board. Nick and Marta try to find out whats going on, they even sneak into their teachers house to look for clues!

I really liked this book because its funny, and parts of it are kind of weird and scary! This was one of my favorite books so far! I would give this book a... 98% chance of voting for!

Something Wickedly Weird The Wooden Mile

Something Wickedly Weird The Wooden Mile by Chris Mould
Stanley just moved to Crampton Rock, a freaky, old fishing village. In Stanley's new town nobody stays out after dark, and Stanley doesn't know why. Stanley meets some pirates that tell him the guy that runs that creepy candy store, that no one visits might actually be a ware wolf! The pirates have a plan to kill the wolf... but Stanley will need to help them.

The story to this book was good! The illustrations were amazing! I would give this book a 43% chance of voting.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Into The Volcano

Into The Volcano by Don Wood
Duffy and Sumo are going to their aunts house, in the island of Kocalaha. They think they're just going to spend some time while their dad is busy. When they get there, Sumo and Duffy find out they will be visiting an active volcano. Sumo didn't want to go to the island in the first place, but now he's terrified about what might happen in the volcano. Duffy, is very excited about visiting an island with a volcano. Things might take a turn for the worst, or they might run smoothly.

This book was hard to understand at times because it was set up in comic form. The book was exciting and I really liked the end. I thought the story was also funny. I would give this book a 53% chance of voting.