Monday, May 3, 2010


Savvy by Ingrid Law
Mibs is thirteen now, and she is ready for her savvy to come. Her poppa is in the hospital and Mibs is hoping to get something that could possibly save her his life. A family friend is planing her thirteenth birthday, and is inviting people that Mibs isn't even friends with. She's going to have her party at the church and she isn't very thrilled. When Mibs arrives at the party there is a pink bus that sells bibles and it came from the same town her poppa is in! Mibs decides to get on the bus and go to the town to see her father. Mibs's brother, her friend Will, and his sister Bobby, all get on the bus with her. When they find out that the bus is actually going somewhere else, they're into deep trouble.

I liked this book so much! It was an 'always on the edge of your seat' kind of book! Many books that I read have a really bad start, they throw too much information in the first chapter and it's hard to understand. This book had a pretty good start though. I would give this book a 98% chance of voting!

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  1. I agree that many books have a bad start and those are the books that I put back on the shelf immediately. I feel terrible to be so quick to judge but I've almost always been correct! I hope you vote for this book, for sure!